Cornerstone is a non-profit company, made up of ordinary people determined to live extraordinary lives. We are passionate about giving the silenced a voice, setting the captives free and seeing an end to social injustice. Compelled by compassion, justice and love we will make a difference!


WHAT WE  Do and where we are headed

Our Mission is to combat modern day slavery and human trafficking through training, networking and raising awareness on any available platforms and by ensuring that the rights of human trafficking survivors are realized.

 Our Vision is to protect and advance the rights of survivors of trafficking in persons in South Africa by engendering respect, protection, promotion and fulfillment of the relevant rights in the bill of rights thereby restoring dignity and identity.




Presentations & Workshops

We do presentations and workshops on human trafficking and modern day slavery, TIP legislation, protective behaviours, social media savvy, and parenting,  to schools, youth groups, churches, corporate companies and vulnerable people groups.

Presentations can be customized to suit the audience.

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Legal Assistance

We offer

free legal services to potential and / or human trafficking victims and Non-Profit Organisations conducting similar work.

We also host workshops to train those who work in fields that may bring them into contact with victims of human trafficking, as well as interested members of the public, in the legal provisions of trafficking in persons.

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This ongoing campaign utilizes the power of social media to raise awareness through all the arts. Any artist can participate by simply uploading their art to social media and using our hashtag.


Various events, productions and projects and fundraisers are also run via this campaign.



Street OUtreach

We believe that engaging with  victims- and those vulnerable to 

being trafficked or enslaved- on an  ongoing basis is crucial to any  rescue effort. 


Therefore we are in the process of establishing an 

active Street Outreach, making use of  community volunteers who are passionate about the cause.

Long term volunteers

Please note that long term/full time volunteers will go through a vetting process, including full background checks.


We are always open to collaboration with

like minded organisations, individuals and companies.


We are open to launching joint campaigns, workshops, fundraisers and projects.

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After Care services

One of our primary goals 

is to provide

after care services

for men and/or women

- as well as their children-

affected by human trafficking, including legal services, 

medical care,

basic needs, skills training

and shelter.


 Survivors of trafficking 

and slavery 

will receive support, counseling and assistance in order to regain their physical and

emotional strength,

and ultimately rebuild their identity and 

reclaim their dignity.

Skills Training

Victims will have access

to practical and

life skills training,

as well as

educational opportunities,

to enable their

successful reintegration

into society.



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E: info@cahti.org

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