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What is #ArtistsAgainstSlavery?

As creatives, we have the ability to capture people’s attention with our art. Art is visual, it communicates across language barriers, cultural differences, generation gaps, demographic preferences, geographic borders, political alliance and religious affiliation. It doesn't matter what medium or genre you create in -  visual arts, design, theater, dance, music, writing, public/street art. The possibilities are endless and you can make a difference!


Creativity is one of the most powerful weapons to bring awareness to the plight of millions of people shackled in slavery and human trafficking. 


We have started a movement called #ArtistAgainstSlavery. We are  building a network of artists and  creating a platform for these artist to share their work aimed at creating awareness. We want to invite you to partner with us by sharing your work on social media and tagging it #ArtistsAgainstSlavery! Show that you care and help us raise awareness.

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