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it's time to choose...

We all need to take a chance- and to make a choice.


When we are younger, if we are privileged enough to live a fairly comfortable lifestyle, it is so easy to only see the beauty in the world. We are aware of ice cream trucks and beach days, of family holidays and travel.

As we grow, we become aware that perhaps not all are as lucky or privileged as we are, but we can choose to overlook the brokenness and bondage around us by burying ourselves in comforts and busyness and coffee. We can stick our heads in the sand.

Or we can grow despondent and depressed by the inequality, the desperation, the darkness. We can find ourselves deep in a dark pit of despair, certain that there is no hope, no future.

Or neither of the above.

We can choose to step up. We can choose to use what we have- our privilege, our resources, our talents- to make a difference. We can choose to open ourselves up to the possibility of hope, of change, of justice.

What do you choose to do, today?


Here at Cornerstone we are passionate about seeing an end to human trafficking and contemporary slavery, and we love to champion this cause through a celebration of the arts! We are all creative, in one way or another. By using the #ArtistsAgainstSlavery we hope to grow an online community of artists who are like minded in their goal for social justice and an end to human trafficking. You can contribute to this campaign by

a) simply uploading your work to social media and tagging it #ArtistsAgainstSlavery

b) contributing to our blog (please email us to find out more about this!)

c) running an event/ fundraiser under the #ArtistsAgainstSlavery banner (take a look at our upcoming collaboration with Jen Bryson Moorcroft Theatre #BlessedThePlay!)

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